Business is Booming at Branstone Farm

Business is booming for firms on the Isle of Wight as anchor organisations begin moving into their new offices on the Branstone Farm integrated regeneration development site.

Local companies are taking their keys and starting the process of moving to the new Branstone Farm environmentally sustainable, fit-for-purpose business units. With ground-source heat pumps, high specification energy efficiency, super-fast full-fibre broadband and stunning ecological surroundings, these business teams are excited about the opportunities enabled by their move to Branstone Farm ahead of the New Year.

Goddards Brewery, the oldest brewery on the Isle of Wight and one of the first independent craft beer producers in the UK, is growing and creating 15 jobs for local people that will add to the island economy as they plan their move to Branstone Farm for Easter.

Shane Smith (Senior Web Manager) and Matt Jeffery (CEO) of Brightbulb Design settling into S3 Branstone Farm

Matt Jeffery, CEO of award-winning creative agency Brightbulb Design, says, “Our business is expanding and we need suitable high-quality office space to meet our needs and the growing team. This move is not just about ‘square footage’ but is about providing a encouraging environment to ensure we meet our values of positive wellbeing at work for the team. We have a strong ethos around the mental health agenda and regular ‘well-being walks’ and walking meetings to give people a break from screens when possible. At Branstone Farm, we can continue this approach through the open green space, community garden and using the outside space as part of our working day.”

Christopher Scott, a leading planning and land development consultant on the Island who is also making the choice to move his business to Branstone Farm, says, “For us, moving to Branstone is about ‘walking the talk’. I’ve been privileged to work on many innovative schemes involving ecological, bio-diverse and sustainable living and working across the Island. Moving to Branstone is about ‘right place, right time, right reason’ and being true to our purpose – it means our clients can see ‘we do what we say’.”

Branstone Farm business units