Island Homes for Island Families

Exciting times this Spring as the second phase of homes progresses, bringing closer the next stage of moving in for new tenants and residents at Branstone Farm.

Last week, we caught up with Tobias Corbin, Construction Manager for site developer Stoneham Construction, at Branstone Farm and took a tour of the latest homes as they get ready for release.

Tobias Corbin, Stoneham Construction, meets up with Alan from Hillcroft Turf Supplies who has been busy getting the gardens and outside spaces ready for new tenants and residents.

Firstly, we met up with Alan from Hillcroft Turf Supplies as he was busy laying the gardens for Plots 1-17 in the spring sunshine – and they look fabulous! Included in the gardens is a shed for all those outdoor essentials, and each garden has boundary fencing and hard paving included.

The homes frontage is looking splendid with garden walls in natural warm stone that will set off the chosen planting of the new tenants and owners beautifully. Roadways throughout the housing site are nearing completion with block paving being laid to the cul-de-sacs that gives a quality finish throughout the estate, completing the perfect, carefully curated landscaping for all those living and visiting Branstone Farm.

Inside the properties, Stoneham Construction have been completing snagging on the interiors for Plots 34-42 – snagging is the built-environment term for checking any small, cosmetic issues before a building is ‘signed off’. Examples might be a kitchen cupboard hinge that’s not working quite properly or a drying out crack that’s appeared after a wall’s been plastered.

Looking at the finished interiors, the room sizes are generous and the quality of kitchen and bathroom fittings is obvious in these affordable island homes for island people.

Quality control is key and Tobias is keen that each home is checked and fully meets not only construction standards but Stoneham’s own quality expectations and pride in the Branstone Farm homes development.

As we move from March to April, we’re looking forward to welcoming the latest islanders to the growing community at Branstone Farm! It has been great to work on such an exciting development providing much needed homes and we would like to thank our local supply chain to help deliver this project.

Tobias Corbin | Stoneham Construction Ltd

We’re excited for the twelve new residents moving in next week and who will be calling Branstone Farm ‘home’!

Branstone Farm homes frontage and interiors creating a welcoming environment for residents and visitors