Branstone Park will become an area where the Branstone and Island community can come together to relax and play. An area for community projects, gardening and education. Branstone will preserve and invest in environmental integrity and quality for the community.

The development offers a significant opportunity to reduce nutrient inputs, increase carbon storage and boost biodiversity through conservation management through the park.

A UNESCO Geopark

The ‘UNESCO Sites across the Channel’ project aims at developing a new model of sustainable tourism in UNESCO Sites.

This model will be developed around Biosphere Reserves, learning spaces for sustainable development, and Geoparks, areas that advance the protection and use of geological heritage in a sustainable way and promote the economic well-being of local people.

These very unique areas therefore appear to be the ideal spaces in which to develop sustainable tourism.

The development of new UNESCO sites across the Channel

At the end of the project, new UNESCO Biosphere Reserves and Geoparks will emerge through the collective work carried out by project partners and territories.

Support for tourism professionals to discover local heritage

Partners will work hand in hand with local economic stakeholders who share sustainable development and UNESCO’s values. Win-win partnerships to shape tomorrow’s tourism!

New sustainable tourism experiences for all

Nature hikes, geocaching, artistic festivals, mobile applications, exhibitions, stays on the farm etc. Very soon, a set of new and eco-friendly tourist activities to be promoted, close to local people and promising for local territories.