The Isle of Wight AONB Partnership

The Isle of Wight AONB Partnership is an independent organisation with a statutory duty to conserve and enhance the Isle of Wight AONB national landscape designation, covering 50% of the island. It is funded by DEFRA and hosted by the Isle of Wight Council. With a wide range of partners, we apply for funding and co-ordinate project work across the designation and further afield, caring for the island’s natural and cultural assets, generating income, and supporting jobs. We also comment on planning applications in the designated area and manage the Isle of Wight Local Records Centre.

The Isle of Wight AONB staff were asked to relocate to Branstone Farm from the Seaclose offices in Newport in August 2019. Since March 2020 we have been working from home due to the COVID pandemic and whilst the Branstone site is being redeveloped.

We are keen to work with Vectis Housing, and the community that will develop on their land, when we are able to return to the site in due course.